OLPC XO laptops to be sold in Australia

There's been a lot of talk about the OLPC's cute little mesh networking laptop at Linux.conf.au this week. The foundation is taking its low-cost, robust laptop the XO to underprivileged kids around the world, but it's also funding its work by selling XO laptops to the public. The cool news from the LCA conference was that a local OLPC group is setting up in Australia to help get computers to kids across Australia. This means that we'll now have a local supplier to buy the XO laptop from. You can read the full story at The Open Source Report -  but the group is so new that its website at www.olpc.org.au isn't live yet - check back in about 2 weeks.


    Yeah, sorry about the domain, we only just registered it and it takes a while for melbourneit to approve such things. Check back in a week.

    Talk to Pia Waugh for some up to date information on the project.

    This could be very handy - nobody knows quite how Kevin07's own 'One Computer per Student' plan will work, schools could potentially take the money for a full scale laptop and buy OLPC laptops, and have change leftover for the infrastructure that the Labour plan doesn't seem to have considered.

    How should I contact Pia? I would really like to get an update on this. There hasn't been any change on www.laptop.org.au or anything sent out on that mailing list.

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