Navman 2007 map upgrades now available

According to a piece in the SMH today, Navman users who have been waiting for the 2007 map updates can get them from today. Looks like new models have already received the update, but the N40i model was lagging behind.

The form to fill out to register for 2007 map upgrade is here. The form says you'll be notified when the maps are available to purchase, but it's my understanding that customers who bought a new N40i which was supposed to include the 2007 maps will receive the maps as a free upgrade. (A promotion run in September last year offered the maps upgrades as part of the purchase of an N40i).

Note that the form is for the F20, F40, N40i, N60i or iCN 720. If you own any other Navman model, the form refers you to the phoneline 1300 NAVMAN.



    how do I go about upgrading my navman F10 that I purchase on 14/12/07

    would be nice to get updates finally I find it a little difficult dodging the cow pats and animals while driving through paddocks in certain parts of our country

    i bought my navaman N40iin sept 2008 and has only some of the 2006 maps onit

    got a navman F10 for xmas 2006, its done really well till now getting me places but it was just the other day i'd punched in a address but could not find wot i was looking for, maybe cause it was a new estate, any suggestions??

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