Exchange mix CDs to broaden your musical horizons

I think Kevin Kelly of the Cool Tools blog just solved my problem of what to ask for at my next birthday - he recommends staying in touch with what's happening in music by asking people you meet to make you a mixed CD of their favourite songs of the moment. He advises *not* asking your friends - but deliberately trying to broaden your horizons by reaching across the generation gap in music. For instance, he asks kids, grandkids, and students to make him CDs.
There are heaps of music sharing sites out there, but I like this suggestion because it's more personal and doesn't require you or your friends to sign up to a website. Yes, this is a romantic notion of mine. Yes, I still think of mixed CDs as mixed tapes. Yes, I know it dates me. I'm fine iwth that. Now burn me a CD, please. :)

Radio David Byrne [Cool Tools]


    Won't this get people sued by the RIAA? :P

    Won't this get people sued by the RIAA? :P

    If you want to "broaden your horizons" join the Facebook group "Music is for sharing". Lots of people looking to find new music and share mix cds!

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