Manage Multiple RapidShare Downloads with RapGet

Windows only: RapidShare and similar file-sharing sites let you send and grab big files for free, but with a few somewhat annoying timers and other restrictions in place. RapGet, a free download for Windows systems, doesn't short those timers or otherwise hack the system (like a few tips we've previously posted), but does keep an eye on your downloads for you and automatically grab them when they're ready. The program also works with,, and many other file-sharing sites, and runs as a stand-alone app inside a folder you can place anywhere—including, presumably, a thumb drive. RapGet is a free download for Windows systems only.


    I really don't know how to use RarGet after having tried to do anything. Please notice that I use free accounts. The 5 minutes have gone thousands times but...Please help me! Thanx in advance

    Thanks for sharing.You wouldnt say how some websites are helpful source of informations like this one.Thanks

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