LinkBunch: One link to send them all

linkbunch.pngFans of short messaging formats like Twitter, or people looking for more tab/bookmark management tools for Firefox, will like LinkBunch - an extension which lets you consolidate a bunch of links into one URL.

Once you've downloaded and installed the extension (drag and drop it into an open Firefox window or tab to get the Add-on installation dialog) you just need to restart your browser and you'll see that Linkbunch has become an option in Firefox's Bookmarks menu.

To bunch your current open tabs, open the Bookmarks menu and click 'Create a LinkBunch of tabs'. This will open a new tab displaying a page with the created LinkBunch. The page displays a list of all the links in the LinkBunch, and then there's my favourite link down the bottom - "Open entire bunch". As it says, if you hit that button it will open up each of the links in a new tab (after politely asking you if you *really* want to open them all).

I can definitely see LinkBunch having a place in my browser alongside TinyURL, and active Twitter users will also be interested to know that LinkBunch is also being integrated into Twitter. The feature isn't active yet, but if you follow @linkbunch, you'll be able to send it a direct message with all the links you want to consolidate, and the bot will reply back with your bunch link. Nice.

[via Web Worker Daily]


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