Lights Out Sleep Mask

Get to sleep in the brightest conditions with the Lights Out Sleep Mask, which, according to weblog Cool Tools, helps you go dark almost anywhere.

I was stationed for a couple months in Qatar and am currently stationed in Kuwait. The mask is more effective and comfortable than the other ones I've worn. You can open your eyes no matter the time of day and think it's the darkest time of night. It blocks the light most effectively due to the contour over the nose.

The author also says that the mask's room for your eyes allows you to completely open your eyes, see nothing but black, and keeps your eyes from drying out. Add this one to our list of the best ways to sleep smarter and better. The mask will set you back $10 on Amazon.


    Looks awesome, can't find anywhere in Australia to buy them. Amazon won't ship it and a couple of other places have shipping at $30USD +

    What about noise?
    Try the Hibermate (Australian), it blocks out almost all sound as well.
    Its at, and its the best I have seen.

    Why re-invent the wheel? I think what everyone is searching for is the Dreamhelmet, a combination sleep mask sound-blocking pillow patented and produced by a small company in Santa Monica, California. The inventor wrote a backpacker's travel book and ran hostels for international travelers - so he designed it for travel use.

    The Dreamhelmet has a large eye mask that stays on your face - no thin elastic or Velcro straps to tangle your hair, and it will not fall into the seat behind you while sleeping on a plane. It is a complete sleep system - except for the blanket.

    Dreamhelmet was the first sleep mask combined with sound muffling ever invented, and it got rave reviews in the Washington Post and Frommer's Budget travel Guide (and many others) - $30 depreciated US bucks - only on the website.

    You can buy these in Australia from
    Price is AUD$22.00, shipping AUD$9.95 anywhere in Australia.

    I wish I'd seen that flight001 link before I bought mine.

    I got mine through Cashco1000, which sell them through amazon, their own site and ebay. Only if you buy through ebay will they send them to Australia, the other sites refuse to allow it, which seems pretty pointless. Anyway, I paid about $35 for mine after postage and the exchange rate. A similar price I guess.

    I used mine for the first time a few days ago on a camping trip. I bought it because first light at around 4am makes for a very short night sleep for me, but with the Lights Out I was able to sleep in till 7am which would never have happened otherwise.

    As far as blocking out sound, a cheap pair of foam earplugs do fine.

    Horses for Courses. Even fitted tight (past the velcro) it won't stay in place. The REM friendly eye cups sounded like a good idea, but can't keep them in place to find out.

    The foam interior also means that I wake with the skin under the eye that is against the pillow very wrinkled. Not a good look!

    Bought mine from (thanks for the info Stephen). Their returns policy states that opened items can't be returned, so guess I'm stuck with it.

    Dreamhelmet sounds good, but it's currently 29 C in the house. With all that foam around my neck I don't know how much sleep I'd get. Their site says people buy them to send to soldiers in the Middle East, but I'm not that tough!


    I have these and they are good but they let the light in a little. I'm going to try Hibermate

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