Keep a History of Every Copy and Paste with ControlC

Windows/Mac/Linux: Freeware application ControlC saves and uploads your clipboard history to the ControlC web site, giving you a 5-day history of all your clipboard data. ControlC recognize URLs, images on the web (displaying the image in the history), in addition to any text you copy. It does not recognize or upload copied files; instead, it will upload the name of the file you copied. You can use ControlC for anything from a bookmarking tool (it does offer social aspects and selectively making clipboard data public) to a clipboard backup tool that persists even after you shutdown your computer. A free account gives you a 5-day history, while a premium account is unlimited. The site is currently in closed beta, but the "beta4040" code will let anyone register. ControlC is free to use, works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For desktop-based clipboard managers, check out Ditto, Jumpcut, or DDM.


    The US commenters don't get the point. This app would be very useful to anyone who uses multiple computers regularly. I've got ditto and quicksilver keeping tabs on my clipboard for me on my PC at work and mac at home respectively, and I love being able to copy and paste with abandon. Having this stuff online just takes it one step further and means I could have everything in both places. Seems like a good idea to me (if we can trust them of course)

    you can add this into the desktop-based clipboard managers list -

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