Jumpstart your day by building mood lifters into your morning

A bad start to the day can set the tone for your whole day - so The Simple Dollar suggests building a morning routine which starts each day on a positive note. Writer Trent says: "My average morning starts off with a shower, a small and energetic breakfast, some logic puzzles, and then, eventually, a period of time with my kids."
Here are some of his suggestions for creating a positive mood for yourself in the morning:

*A breakfast of fruit or oatmeal Something healthy, natural, and full of energy to start your day.
*A shower Start off things by taking a long, soaking shower, cleaning you off, revitalizing you, and getting you ready to go for the day.
*Meditation or prayer Early morning might be the best time to get in touch with your spiritual side, especially if it’s something that brings positive value to your life.
*A brief taste of your favorite hobby Read a book chapter or play a quick game to start things off.

I'd add one other suggestion - a burst of enjoyable outdoor activity. A mild walk or something a bit more energetic to get your heartrate up for a few minutes. Exposure to some sunlight gets you a dose of Vitamin D and can help lift your mood. I love going for a morning walk in the park near my house because lots of people walk their dogs there and I get to watch them playing. It always puts a smile on my face.
Got any suggestions for the best way to start your day on the right foot? Please share in comments.

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