January 2008's Most Popular Posts

What, you didn't spend every day of this month refreshing Lifehacker every hour? We forgive you. Here, have a recap of January's most popular posts.

  • Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks
    "Dozens of Google search guides detail the tips you already know, but today we're skipping the obvious and highlighting our favourite obscure Google web search tricks."
  • Turn Your $60 Router into a User-Friendly Super-Router with Tomato
    "There's been a lot of development of open source firmwares, and today we're taking a look at my new favourite, a firmware called Tomato."
  • Install OS X on Your Hackintosh PC, No Hacking Required
    "Now you can install Leopard on your computer about as easily as installing Leopard on a Mac—no command line hacking required."
  • Download and Listen to Free Music on the Web
    "RIAA lawsuits have scared you off P2P, but the iTunes DRM is both too expensive and too restrictive for your tastes, right? Then it's time you head to the web."
  • Top 10 BitTorrent Tools and Tricks
    "BitTorrent is the go-to resource for downloading everything from music and movies to software and operating systems, but as its popularity continues to grow, so do the number of tools available for making the most of it."
  • Top 10 Underhyped Webapps
    "Even in this golden age of Big Internet Companies Acquiring Everything In Sight, there are still a few independent, small webapps out there that don't get the attention they should for their useful functionality."
  • The 20 Best iPhone and iPod touch Applications
    "Last week we showed you how to install third party apps on your iPhone or iPod touch, and since then a new firmware preview has leaked its way to the 'nets with saucy new features that—once released—may tempt you to abandon your jailbreak for the newly introduced features."


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