Improve your networking skills with a good follow up email

Whether you're a freelancer or working for a business, you can improve your networking skills by actively following up after you meet new contacts. Dumping a business card into a pile and then forgetting about it doesn't help - but a good follow up email could help you turn that contact into a lead for a freelance assignment, some business for your company, or even a new job for you.
The Freelance Switch blog advises that a generic 'nice to meet you' email won't cut it - you need to send an email which is personal, follows up on the particular conversation you had with the person, and is asking for (or offering) something useful.

"Follow this simple formula — state what you can do with confidence, list 3 or more things they’ll get and the benefits of each, then close with a testimonial and a way to keep in touch — and your networking efforts will be the foundation for a healthy business that brings you more work and more clients than you ever imagined."

Got any tips for how to follow up with a new business contact? Please share in comments.

A Simple Follow Up Formula [Freelance Switch]


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