How to rent movies from iTunes

We've been hoping ever since Apple TV was launched that Apple would get around to offering video downloads from its Australian iTunes store - and we're still waiting. But Danny Gorog from APC has written up a guide to how to set up an account with the iTunes store in the US by buying an iTunes US gift voucher via eBay or similar. When you set up the account you don't need to link it to a credit card account - although you are asked for a US mailing address. He says as you won't be mailed anything it's safe to put a spoof address. Probably against the TOS, but it sounds like a workable solution while we continue to wait for iTunes Australia to put the TV into Apple TV.

How to rent movies in Australia with iTunes [APC]


    Props to the people who go to the trouble of working this all out... but SERIOUSLY... ???

    Until Apple gets off its behind and starts making deals with the content providers to supply "legitimate" content to non-US customers... SCREW THEM. Even if you go to the trouble of doing all this and "renting" your movie, it's not like prices are good value, or the terms of use are fair. God forbid you should fall asleep part way through your rental and then want to watch the rest the next night. Oh no.. you have 24 hours from the time it first starts playing. Sorry. Try Again Apple... Perhaps your AppleTV Service Mark III might be better... when it gets here to Aust in 2012. On the plus side, you can save a bundle on space heating if you run one of these. Better still get one for each of the kids bedrooms and heat your whole house thru winter.

    I don't get it. Why pay for something when you're breaching the TOS anyway?

    Fiddling the system to download something you aren't allowed to download, or downloading it from a torrent client is essentaily the same thing as far as the law is concerned. If you're going to break the law - why pay for the privilledge?

    I agree they're both in the same grey area. If people want to pay, I guess they'd prefer to do so even if they have to breach the TOS to do it. If they don't care they'll go straight for a torrent site.

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