How to stop acting like a "financial superhero"

superhero.jpgSocial groups often have one person who is considered to be the big spender - often they're the one who earns the most money, and they'll often end up with the bill at the end of a night out, or getting approached for loans by their friends.
There are a lot of reasons why you might end up in this role - earning more, wanting to help, feeling guilty for having more money than your friends. Because IT is a profession that pays better than a lot of other jobs, often it's the IT person in the bunch who is in this position.
Yes, it's wonderful to be able to do things with your friends, to spoil them and help them when they need it. But it's not healthy for the relationship or your bank balance if it becomes something you always do - and feel like you have to do.
Here's some of The Simple Dollar's tips for dealing with the situation:

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