How Do You Divide Your Restaurant Bills?

When you go to a restaurant with a bunch of friends, you have many options to pay for the that large check. You can simply split the bill evenly, pay only for what you ordered (plus tax and tip), or ask the server to write up separate bills. The Mind Your Decisions weblog suggests alternate ways to divvy up the bill. Limit options before you order (to prevent customised orders with extra costs) and share with the group. Send out an email organizing costs beforehand. Estimate the costs before you place the order and choose a designated person to collect the final cost in advance. How do you go Dutch when wining and dining with your friends?

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    I can see from the voting that things can get out of hand. I voted for split evenly but many people don't drink the wine - only order the cheapest dish and so want their own bill. Or you split the food bill for all and the wine for only those who drank.

    Once we had agreed an Even split including wine and beer etc but each round of drinks had to be paid immediately and was done so by differing people. At end chaos - now Fred share of food is 15 but he paid 10 for drinks so he pays 5 and we share the 10 - hang on whats his share of the ten and then Bill paid etc

    So take all the drink bill and the food - split it and the ones who paid a round take the round off the food split or the grab some extra from the kitty. Do you know took ages for the mob to grasp that

    It's not that hard a problem to solve! Just use a bill splitting service like Split and Pay ( - problem solved!

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