Hack your airplane seat

Hack your airplane seat

airplane_seats.jpgHe already showed us how to declutter the web using Greasemonkey, and now Lifehacker tipster Paul Fenwick has turned his attention to how to hack the best seat on an airplane. You probably already like to use the check-in kiosk at the airport to try to get a better seat. Paul has some ideas on what the best seat is, and how to get it – whether you’re travelling solo or in a couple.

“The “ideal” seat is one where you have either your preference of aisle
or window, nobody sitting next to you, and near an exit so you can get
on and off relatively quickly. My super-ideal seat is an aisle with an
empty seat on my right, since I can then use that seat (or its tray) as a mouse-mat.”

Paul suggests you need to avoid the trap of selecting a seat in an empty row of seats, and instead suggests going for a window or aisle seat where there’s already a person on the other end of the row. It’s then unlikely that anyone will chose to sit between the two of you, and you’ll have an empty seat next to you.

And for couples?

“The trick is to find an empty segment, and to take both the
desirable seats, leaving an empty one in the middle. With luck (if your
flight isn’t too full), you end up sitting together, but in much more
comfort. If you’re unlucky, there’ll be some poor soul stuck between
you, although they’ll usually eagerly agree to swap for an aisle or
window seat, so your failure condition is the same as what you would
have had if you sat together to begin with.”

Thanks for the tip, Paul! Got any other optimal airplane seating hacks? Share in comments please!

Optimise your aircraft seat [PJF’s Pages]


  • I have read about this previously in SMH.
    They pointed me to some good websites which gives you tips and hacks about where the best seat is.

    For me, not only getting an empty seat next to you, but having enough space in front of you makes your flying experience more bearable. This usulaly means getting the front-most seat, or the seat near the emergency exit, but avoid getting one near the wing as it’s loud.

    http://www.seatexpert.com/ has tips on good seats to get on different airlines and its aircrafts

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