Getting Dinner Done with a Weekly Meal Plan

The organised bloggers over at Unclutterer say that answering the question "What's for dinner?" is a lot easier if you've got a plan—a weekly meal plan, that is. Map out your "utilitarian meals" on a simple grid where you list recipes for each day of the week and compile your grocery list in the sidebar. Put together your plan on Sundays before your grocery store visit, and take all the work out of figuring out what to eat next. Unclutterer offers a PDF or Excel spreadsheet weekly meal plan worksheet for download, too.


    I have made 20 meal plans that I just pick from. I find the more planned I am the more I can save. It is so worth putting in the time and effort!

    Excel spreadsheets are Ok, (better than using nothing at all), but I found even this method used to take me ages to do all my meal planning. Yes,I'm very biased, but you would get the same job done in 1/1oth of the time using a meal planning site.

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