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linkedin.pngLinkedIn is starting to make inroads into the Australian professional community, and yours truly succumbed this week. So Wired's How-to Wiki on how to get ahead on LinkedIn was timely.
They suggest that you keep your profile professional (save the quirky personal hobbies for MySpace) and that you expand your network by helping others rather than asking for recommendations and introductions:

Want a thumbs-up recommendation next to your profile, but don't want to bribe your contacts? Write a recommendation for someone else first, Alba says. When a colleague reads your glowing review of his business prowess, he'll be more inclined to reciprocate.

If you want someone in your network to introduce you to one of their network, then you need to have something relevant to offer, not just a sales pitch or a request for help:

Utilize social graces with a professional message describing your general interest or an informational interview."When I see your message, I'm looking for something that isn't 'join my Shaklee business,'" Alba says. "I want to see significant reasons for me to open my network, endorse you, and feel confident."

Any Aussie LinkedIn users out there care to share their power networking tips?

Get Ahead on LinkedIn [Wired]


    Part three of that article - particularly the section you've reproduced is excellent advice. I found which of my contacts were already on there, and instantly wrote them some feedback - I had reciprocal positive feedback within hours. When someone new joined, they immediately asked me for feedback before giving me any - I felt much less inclined to do it.

    Power networking tips though - not so much.

    LinkedIn is a great tool because it has a powerful search function. If you have a significant number of connections, even to people you don't know well, you can find people who have almost anything you need for business purposes.

    But most people who are members don't understand the need to have a large number of connections. If you only have 5 or 10 connections like 60% of the members, search doesn't work well, and linkedIn isn't YET very useful to you.

    I've offered to help people build their connections. Only ONE person has every taken that offer up. So people don't see the need. They don't understand the tool and they neglect to build their networks because they lack that knowledge.

    YOU NEED LinkedIn training, or you need to spend 30-50 hours educating yourself about how LinkedIn works. See

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