Find and Replace Text with FART

Windows only: Get grep-like power at the Windows command line using Find and Replace Text (FART), a simple utility that delivers on its name's promise. Perform batch find and replace operations over multiple text files throughout directories with FART in the Windows command window. The Hackszine blog outlines one practical FART usage example: stripping out UNIX line endings on a text file.

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Let's say a Linux buddy of yours sent you a bunch of HTML files and they have Unix line endings that are barfing in Notepad. One simple command fixes the problem, replacing all the newlines with a full PC carriage return, line feed combo:
fart —c-style *.html \n \r\n

FART is a free download for Windows only.


    What - you can install FART but not Cygwin or Perl?

    perl -pi~ -e "s/\r$//gi" file.txt

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