Extend Your iPod's Battery Life

New howto video site Howcast features ways you can extend your iPod's battery life, like: using the hold button, turning off the backlight, and disabling the equaliser. Click on the dots that appear on the video's progress bar or the back and forward buttons to skip from one tip to the next. (Neat.)


    Funny Video! I will use these great tips, for sure. i don't know if this helps or not, but i read that the sixth gen ipd battery has to get replaced by apple or a third-party company - you can't do it yourself like the other models! That stinks. At least you can still get the battery replaced or repaired even after you follow all the good tips in this video.

    I am also going to try these suggestions on my other ipods (mini and video) since i would expect them to apply to the other ipods as well, right?

    Thanks for putting this funny (and informative) video together.


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