Ebay turns off sellers?

ebay.pngEbay's plans to stop sellers from leaving negative feedback on buyers has stirred up some discontent among users of the online auction house. The move was made to try to shore up the falling number of active buyers using the site, but  may be swinging the pendulum too far in the other direction, as Zara Baxter's pointed out at PCA. It sounds like Ebay is breaking the reputation metric which used to help users decide who to trade with. What's your take on it?


    It sounds a bit harsh. As an exclusive buyer on Ebay I can't stand sellers who don't leave feedback until I do. If I have paid for the item and everything is cleared then that is my part of the transaction done so leave feedback. I then leave mine when the item arrives and I've opened it. If it is clearly not as described then I will leave negative. If it's a grey area then I will contact the seller to sort it out and if I am impressed with their help then they get positive. I know of long time buyers who have left Ebay due to this retaliatory feedback thing so they need to do something but perhaps it should be spending more time helping out in dispute processes so those unjust feedbacks are reversed pronto. Unfortunately that means more staff time and hence more money so a blanket ban is cheaper to implement.

    I agree, I think it's taking it waaaaay to far - the reputation metric is, imho, what Ebay was built on - it's the biggest differentiator they have from classifieds, _and_ the trading post website, etc.

    If they're not prepared to spend the money/resources on enough complaints resolvers, than this in inevitable, but I think it will cost them in sellers. In my ebay experience, there are more dodgy buyers than dodgy sellers and it really does change the whole dynamic of the site - from a trading site to essentially an online mall cf. Amazon.

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