Apply the GTD weekly review to your home life

Dustin Wax over at has a thought provoking article on how to apply GTD principles to having a weekly relationship review with your partner.
Though I do *not* suggest treating your relationship like a work challenge (no-one wants to feel like a project on someone's to do list!) he suggests approaching it as a regular meeting with your partner to go over plans and processes and see what need work. This can help nip problems or disagreements in the bud, and help you be ready to respond to any unexpected challenges life throws your way.
This is a time to gather and process the household's in box (it could be bills, shopping lists and so forth). And, importantly, it's a time to share thoughts and come up with a game plan together. Dustin suggests the following list of topics to cover off:

  1. What went wrong over the past week?
  2. What did you particularly enjoy that you’d like to do more of? (meals, activities, TV shows, trips out, etc.)
  3. How are you each handling your respective household duties?
  4. What is coming up that you need to be prepared for?
  5. What kind of help do you need from your partner?
  6. What issues in the house have been occupying your thoughts lately? (problems with kids, repairs needed, messiness)
  7. What’s going on at work, or coming up at work, that could affect your family life?

Pick a time and place which will be comfortable for both of you. And remember to keep it constructive - there's no point whinging if you aren't working towards fixing whatever the problem is. Got any other ideas for relationship GTD? Share in comments please.

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