The communications regulator, ACMA, has cracked down on ISP Dodo, saying it must comply with industry codes of practice relating to complaints handling and billing, or face penalties. The Ombudsman referred Dodo to ACMA after the small ISP racked up almost double the number of customer complaints made against Telstra BigPond.


    I tried to get internet mobile with Dodo, they took monies from my account before delivery was made of the USB stick, then they tried to make delivery of goods, which failed, then after 3 different telephone conversations, of them trying to get me to take time off work so they could get delivery done, since they don't deliver via post, only tollfast couriers, they kept saying they would refund money, the first time was 05/12/08, it's now 08/03/09, each phone call last an approximate time of 20 minutes and full of empty promises and at least 3 different people, where you have to tell your story again and again, these calls cost money, since this major mistake I made, I HAVE FOUND VODAFONE CHEAPER, EASIER TO TALK TO BECAUSE YOU ARE TALKING TO SOMEONE FROM AUSTRALIA, AND YOU ARE TALKING TO ONE PERSON NOT 100.
    If you want a good deal go to Vodafone.
    Dodo doesn't this mean DUMMY.
    Dodo are ripping people off.

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