Dock Your Old Drives with the Hard Drive USB Dock

Dock any internal SATA hard drive in this USB dock to turn any internal drive into an external drive on-the-quick. If you've got a few old hard drives hanging around that you'd like to put to good use but they aren't really worth installing in your computer's innards and you don't feel like taking the time to convert that old drive into an external hard drive, this simple dock, which appears to have taken swappable inspiration from your SNES, seems like a brilliant idea. The dock will set you back $42, but I couldn't actually find a store where they're in stock, so if you have better luck, please share in the comments. UPDATE: You can find it cheaper and in stock from good old, reliable Newegg for $32. Thanks pinion!

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    Anyone found an Australian shop for this thing yet?

    Yeah mate. PCCasegear has them on sale here.

    I have been meaning to pick up one as I am a storage hog and find it an elegant backup solution.

    "old" drives are usually IDE, not SATA. The google search I did brought me these results

    "Dock Your Old Drives with the Hard Drive USB Dock | Lifehacker ...
    I have got a external enclosure for $25 about 3-4 years ago. ..... and IDE/PATA internal hard drives (both 3 1/2 and 2 1/2" drives) to a PC via USB 2.0, ..."

    You can appreciate my disappointment to learn it was a SATA.

    I agre with Ben. I have a stack of old IDE drives. My only other solution is to find an old system off EBay... just to mount the drives and copy the data.

    This one supports SATA AND IDE !!

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