DIY Laptop Stand for the Bed

DIY Laptop Stand for the Bed
DIY web site Instructables steps through how to build a laptop stand for your supine computing needs for about $15. Once you’ve bought all the necessary materials, the actual stand won’t take more than about 30 minutes to put together, and the end product is virtually the same as the $140 Laptop Laidback stand pictured here.


  • Here’s a thought: don’t even use your laptop in bed. Beds are for sleeping, resting and maybe reading. Take some time away from the laptop and rest your brain, don’t take it into the bedroom.

  • Ok that is a pretty black and white argument not to take laptop to bed cos it is for sleeping. Agreed we need time away from laptop. But think laterally for gods sake and realise that there are other reasons. I for example, use mine in bed, because sometimes the noise out in the other areas of the house is too much to bare, living with roommates. And a desk does not fit into my room. Some people are so shortsighted with their black and white answers.

    • Maybe there are even more pressing needs to have a device like this. I just damaged my back badly enought to require surgery and weeks on my back. After a few days of balancing my laptop on my chest and geisseng wherw the kets ate (guessing where the keys are) I’m ready for something like this. My laptop can double as a heating pad for my chest, but alas, I don’t need one.

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