Reduce kitchen clutter by buying multi-purpose tools


If you love cooking but you have a small kitchen (or budget) you can reduce the number of appliances you need by buying only multi-purpose tools – and devising new ways to use the ones you have.
Once you’re in the mindset of adapting the tools you have at hand, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can do. When I was growing up my mother used a wok for just about all the cooking  – she could even bake cakes in it!
The Wise Bread blog has some great suggestions – like getting your strainer to pull triple duty as a strainer, sifter and colander: The trick with sifting? Tape the strainer over the bowl.
There were a couple of nice cooking techniques which, once mastered, will let you get rid of single purpose items like a garlic press (just use the flat blade of a wide knife) or a potato masher (make them in your mixer).
Got a favourite suggestion for equipment that can do double duty in the kitchen? Please share in comments.

Cooking without crepe pans and other expensive kitchen tools [Wise Bread]


  • two good quality sharp knives, one of them should be a thai cleaver style knife with a ponty end – at about $5-$6 from bigger asian supermarket, so the other one will be trad cooks knife about $70. The former will last a few years, the latter a lifetime. U will need a steel for sharpening and make sure they don’t bang around with other metal things.
    A wok – also from asian supermarket (spun springy steel)(never from Myer or DJs or wherever) once properly seasoned and never washed in detergent or with other than a brush might last a lifetime too! ($25 max)
    A heavy cast iron frypan – campers frypans are really cheap and fantastic – again treat it (basically burn oil in it) – better than any non-stick crap. Around $20. Will last forever.
    Two good heavy base upright stainless saucepans with all metal lids – these will set you back a bit. Try a catering/commercial kitchen shop. Cheapo steaming flower thingy – about $8.
    Just about there!


    Most of my kitchen equipment is over fifty five years old, and some is third generation (and I will soon be a great-grandmother.) It is more practical and durable than what you can buy in shops today. Why cannot we have this quality today?
    Old treasures include: Strong plastic-coated 2-tier dishdrainer to hold six settings, stand-up cutlery drainer, knife drainer, narrow frypan slice, big soup ladle, heavy potato-masher, moulin grinder of anything, stainless steel mesh soap-saver, aluminium dippers, my grandmother’s ideal-design grater, my grandmother’s always-sharp cut-anything breadknife circa 1905, metal hood for a round frypan, one-cup deep metal-mesh teastrainer with two tabs to avoid tea-bags . . .Where can we buy these today?
    Yes, and I need a 2-litre stainless steel container with lid to sit on the bench, for kitchen scraps for the worm-farm. Can’t find even and enamel one.

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