Convert Your HD DVDs to Blu-Ray

If you're an early adopter who got burned by Blu-Ray's victory over HD DVD, Wired's How-To Wiki details how to convert your old-and-busted HD DVDs to the victorious Blu-Ray format. The catch is that the process, from start to finish, is a major pain, and you'll need both an HD DVD drive and a Blu-Ray burner on your PC. In all the conversion is probably more of a hassle and just as expensive as re-purchasing your HD DVDs in Blu-Ray or buying a dual-format player, so if you're really considering going through this process, you may want to take that into account that before diving in. If you were stung by the demise of the HD DVD, let's hear how you plan to cope in the comments.


    I'm just so glad that I waited. And also glad that Blu-ray won too. Time to go out and start buying now. :)

    I shoot HD, and I plan to use one of the +/- $100 ULead or Pinnacle suites' authoring programs that let me burn HD-DVD to standard DVDs
    (4o min single-layer; 60 min DL), and will watch/screen them in my el-cheapo Toshiba A2 until Blu-ray prices come down or we move into the post-optical drive/media world.

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