Convert Your Google Calendar to PDF

If you use Google Calendar, chances are you've ignored the little "Print" button on the left side of the tabs at the top. It just pops a print dialog box, right? Wrong! Hit that Print link to customize the look and feel of your calendar on paper: enlarge or reduce the font size, opt to go black and white only, switch between portrait and landscape orientation, and when you hit Print, your browser doesn't send the page to your printer. Instead, you get a PDF document fit to print, save, or email. Handy!


    I used to PDF my company's Google Calendars for printing & emailing. I had many issues doing this ... full description truncated, coud'nt edit, set specific size. I came accross WinCalendar & use this now. It converts google Calendars into fully editable MS Word & Excel format!
    It also has many size/layout options :-) The website is

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