Check in with your New Year's resolutions

We're one month into the new year, and the first day of February seems like a good time to see how our new year's resolutions are proceeding.

If you've been wavering or having a hard time sticking to your resolution, now's the time to honestly evaluate what is making it hard to stick to your plan.

Here are some of the tools and tips which have helped me stay on track so far this year. One is that I set two different goal tracker gadgets on my iGoogle home page. One is Don't Break the Chain, which I've found to be a really helpful motivator. Getting to tick off each day has helped me stay motivated to achieve my exercise goal every day. The other is a simple weight loss tracker. I'd stress that the weight tracker is working is because I set myself very low and achievable weight loss goals of around 2kg a month. So far I'm ahead of schedule which is a great feeling.

So how are you tracking with your goals for 2008? If you have any tips on how to keep on track, please share in comments.


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