Be more productive in the afternoon

Keep your to-do list simple and specific, and most importantly - get it out of the way. Those are a few "keep it simple, stupid" inspired tips from the How to Split an Atom blog today. The tip I liked was:

"Use your energy well.

Whatever time of the day that you feel the most productive, that’s when you should schedule your most annoying tasks. If you really don’t want to write that mail script and you’re a night person, put it off until 2 AM when you work best.

On the flip side, save your less intensive tasks for the mid-afternoon when your energy is waning. Most of our procrastination comes from trying to get frustrating tasks done when we don’t have the energy to do them. The result is often that we don’t do anything."

Basically it's about being honest with yourself. If you know you think best and are most productive in the morning, do the important brain work then, and don't put it off. Later in the day if you tend to have a mid or late afternoon brain slump, use that time for less-demanding work, like chores or admin. Kicking yourself for not being able to do the thinking work at that point of the day is not productive. Being honest with yourself about when you do your best work, and when you need a break, will help you stay positive and keep procrastination at bay.

5 Steps to Becoming More Productive this Afternoon [How to split an atom]


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