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oz_ideas.pngThe Prime Minister is inviting 1,000 experts to attend the Australia 2020 Summit in April to discuss the direction we want our country to go in. Blogger Jim Rettew decided that "working stiffs, tradies and bloggers" probably have better ideas for this country than the appointed experts so he set up a Wiki to collect ideas from "the rest of the 20,699,000 people in Oz".

Jim hopes to present the top 50 ideas (as voted on by visitors to the site) at the Summit. There's a petition on the site which he'll use to try to cadge an invite to present the ideas at the Summit.

Jim also emailed me today to say he's created a YouTube video of Kevin Rudd breakdancing to help promote the Wiki. I've been too scared to check it out, but it's there if you're curious.


    There is also http://2020summit.org/ which is a blog rather than a wiki.

    In most countries the real power is in the hands of the banks and land owners and that results in many landless people being without jobs and having to live in poverty. Their equality of opportunity to work and earn as been taken from them and many don't even know it!

    Regardless of the need to change the system, what is first needed is a means of properly understanding it. The present macroeconomic texts and university education fails to provide this information and because much of the study is financed by those monopolists who continue to support this corrupt system of understanding, the situation is unfortunately unable to change.

    It is proposed to develop a true understanding of our macroeconomics system based on logic and treating it as a science similar to physics. As a writer I have made some progress toward this aim and would be glad to share it with any educational institution who may be interested in understanding and establishing the truth about how macroeconomics actually does function (and not what it is, which is commonly and taught almost anywhere).

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