Arrange the Window Buttons in GNOME

Want to rearrange the window-top buttons in your GNOME-based Linux system? The FOSSwire blog shows how to put your titlebar in any order you please, using the ever-helpful gconf-editor tool. Launch the editor, browse through the folder trees to Apps->Metacity->General, then find "button_layout" in the right-hand pane. Double-clicking on the "Value" field lets you rearrange (or remove) the four known buttons on either side of the windows (separated by a colon), so you can get Mac-style left-focused buttons, a minimalist menu-only look, or anything else you'd like. If you mess up too badly, you can right-click the button_layout item and "Unset" to restore its default values. Hit the link below for more guidance on using gconf-editor and tweaking the window settings.


    Hello. I'm one of the maintainers for Metacity. Thank you for making this post!

    The most recent version of Metacity also has a new button type, "spacer", which displays as a blank space.

    InspectorxGadget: Metacity's actually had the ability to add those buttons for over a year now. The trouble is that most people don't make themes which contain images for these buttons, and so they can't be added. If you want them, you need to run a theme which does contain these images, such as Bright or Crux.

    Deeesseee: The justification of the title is decided by the theme. Find a theme where the title is left-justified and use that, or modify an existing one. I'll be posting an article series on how to do that soon to the Metacity blog.

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