7 Habits of Highly Effective... Spaceship Captains

captainadama.pngIf you're on the sci-fi nerd end of the geek spectrum, you may already have seen Gawker's new sci-fi blog, IO9. Today they offer up a taste of "GTD in Space" with some tongue in cheek pointers we can take from the great leaders of sci-fi.
For example, Han Solo's bucket of bolts ship the Millennium Falcon taught us that just because you have a crappy ship doesn't make you a loser - which in geek lingo translates to: "Every crappy PC is a lean, mean Linux box waiting to be born". :)
I offered my own suggestion too - Captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly taught us that even if your project gets cancelled (*sob*) if it's great code your users will stick with you. :)

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains [IO9]


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