Your Biggest New Year's Resolution?

Lose weight. Save money. Quit smoking. Get fit. Rule the world. Is this what your New Year's resolution list looks like? We spend all day yapping about the ways you can improve your life, and the brand New Year is the time lots of people choose to muster the resolve. So tell us, dear lifehackers, what is your grand Poobah of all resolutions in 2008, the one you'll grit your teeth and stick to like glue for as long as you can possibly stand it? Inspire us by shouting out your resolve in the comments.


    I have many... But the biggest is that i'm aiming to do one thing I consider a "creative work" every single day.

    Whether it means I write something, draw something, snap some photos, play some music, or whatever else...

    But i'm trying to document it too.
    Working on things over days is acceptable too :)

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