Wine supports Photoshop under Linux

One of the nice things about the open source movement is it gives us choices. The Wine project has been around for years and lets users run supported Windows applications under Linux. I got an interesting update of where Wine is at from a talk at today.

If the Gimp isn't enough for you, you may be interested to know that you can now use Wine to run Photoshop on Linux. The Code Weavers project, maintained by Dan Kegel, supports CS2 and CS3.

This tip came from a talk by Leslie Hawthorn, Google's head of open source programs. Google sponsorship helped fund the development, and there's more in the pipeline. They are also working on getting the speech recognition software Dragon Naturally Speaking working under Linux as well.

Leslie said Dan Kegel had also been working on getting iTunes to work under Linux as well. "He purchased Kraftwerk's Autobahn on iTunes!"

Wine's been lower profile in recent years, it was good to get an update on its progress. I used to recommend it to gamers who didn't want a Windows PC just for games. Have you used Wine? If so I'd be interested to hear what you thought of it.


    Wine is excellent software, with a powerful and active development community behind it, it can only get better.

    One point about your article though, Wine is not an emulator and by calling it that you are demonstrating your lack of knowledge on the subject.

    W.I.N.E stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator!


    Thanks for pointing out my error of terminology. Story has been corrected.

    WINE is a good product but unfortunately it's not good enough when it comes to daily usage at work. Personally I will stay away from WINE until they come out of beta version. There's a piece of software looks very promising called Pixel. Because GIMP only deals with RGB , pixel does both RGB and CMYK. Here's the website

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