Why you should make a will

Most of us have enough to do filing tax forms and getting our day to day paperwork under control, let along thinking about future events like writing a will. But preparing a legally sound will now will save your loved ones from having to deal with the tidying up your affairs after you're gone. The Wise Bread blog gives a sad example of the toll this burden took on a widow who spent years trying to finalise the will and estate of her late husband:

"After three years of toiling to resolve his estate (which appeared uncomplicated at the onset) and paying off the ensuing bills which ended up being over $100,000, my friend wanted a divorce from her late husband."

If you're interested in finding out more about how and why to prepare a will, the Law Society of NSW has some information here. There are also some cheapie, do it yourself will kits which you can buy for around $30 - I've even seen them at the Post Office.

Estate Planning - Why Me? [Wise Bread]


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