Aussie Broadband

whirlpool_survey.pngCommunity broadband website Whirlpool has its annual broadband user survey up and running for 2007.
In the words of Whirlpool News Editor Phil Sweeney: "As always, the survey is not about advertisers or company research — we just want to share your opinion on important issues like download limits, pricing, customer service and reliability of service."
They got over 20,000 responses last year, so if you'd like to have your say on Australian broadband in 2007, do so here. The results should be in by early March - we'll keep you posted.


    Every Australian with broadband should do this survey in order to improve broadband services even more!!
    I don't know what I would do without a resourse like the Whirlpool site, and of course Lifehacker.

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