Which online share trading broker do you trust?

The plunge in the stock market on Tuesday took its toll on online share trading brokers - the increased traffic flooded the sites and created access issues. The Australian reports that leading site CommSec was offline for half an hour. That's a huge no-no in stock trading, where up to the minute information and accessibility is a must.
I don't trade stocks online, but I'm curious to hear from readers who do - which online share trading broker do you use and trust? And did you notice how it performed under the strain on Tuesday?


    I use Pacific Trader which is basically a CFD platform. I also have a comsec account and it was terrible, while PT had no problems at all. What I love about Pacific Trader is they have no minimim commission on DMA CFD trades so I can do small trades that only cost me .1% commission. great when you are learning as you can buy very small parcels and pay $1 commission per $1000 parcel of shares.

    Paul: Does Pacific Trader charge monthly fees? Or Have a minimum number of transactions per year before adding fees?

    Hi Paul, what is the URL (link) of the Pacific Trader? Do you have to pay for using the platform and data facilities? Thanks!

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