What's your computing new year's resolution?

Forget your waistline or learning to play the violin - how about making a new year's resolution to kick some of those terrible computing habits you've picked up over the years? It could be spending too much time web browsing, or (in my case) a critical failure to backup.
The Web Worker Daily blog has offered some suggestions for making your computing more secure in 2008 - including using a portable thumbdrive to backup your computer, and using a VPN when connecting to the internet from a public place.
It got me to thinking about the plans I'm making to improve my computing experience this year. On the agenda is setting up regular backups, and ensuring that my backups are done in such a way that system recovery would be quick and simple. I haven't yet decided if I want to backup to a hardware device or to an online service.
And, inspired by our very own Gina Trapani's Lifehacker book, I'm planning on setting up my computer to create automatic backups this year. I really like the idea of a computer which will wake itself up at 2am to run the backup program, then return to hibernate mode.
I'm also considering things like VPNs and encrypted emails, but I wonder whether those fall into the category of 'over the top' security.
So what's your computing new year's resolution? Do you have a plan for making your computing environment more secure (or more streamlined) this year? What do you think is good enough security, and what's over the top? Share in comments please.

Six ways to start off secure in '08 [Web Worker Daily]


    When considering your backup strategy, have a look at the Carbonite online backup service. I like it because you don't have to remember to do a backup. It will backup changed files over the internet as you work.

    The initial backup takes a few days but after that you don't even notice it.

    My New Year's resolution in this area is to try a full restore to see that I can actually restore the gigabytes of data that have been backed up :)

    i resolved not to be bound by my need to get through the unread feeds in my feed reader. I had such a back log that i spent any spare moment trying to get through them (1000+) and it was a never ending battle. It was supposed to fun...
    On Jan 1 I drew a line in the sand and marked them all as read and started from scratch.
    I'm now getting through all my feeds in 1 day and feel like the albatross has flown.

    I resolve to learn Django.

    I resolve to set up an automated backup system now that we have a spare laptop.

    I also resolve to spend less time online. I'm going to take a break when I need a break, rather than switch to my blog list or a mindless computer game.

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