View your Google Analytics on your desktop using Adobe Air

Mac and Windows – If you use Google Analytics to track your website stats, then you may be interested in the Google Analytics AIR widget, which uses Adobe Air to let you view your stats at the desktop.
The MakeUseOf blog has written up the software (which is in beta) and gives it a thumbs up – if you’re willing to hand over your Google Analytics password. Air grabs the data from Google Analystics for you (no need to visit the site directly) and shows you the data in graphical format. All the stats from GA are available for you, and the information can be exported to PDF, Excel or XML formats.
Because the widget keeps your password in a website profile, you just have to click on the profile you want to view – no more visiting the Google Analytics site and entering your password each time.
To use it, you’ll need to download the AIR runtime from Adobe. You can download the beta here (and there’s a demo Google Analytics account if you really don’t want to try it with your own account).
I should note I haven’t tried this, but if you are a Google Analytics
user and try out Google Analytics AIR, I’d be interested to hear what
you thought of it.

View your Google Analytics Account using Adobe Air [MakeUseOf]

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