Unclutter Your Winter Fridge

full-fridge.pngWeblog Serious Eats rolls up their sleeves and cleans out the post-holiday clutter from their overflowing refrigerator. While it's easy to let your fridge fill up with all those leftovers, there's actually no better time to declutter your fridge than during the winter, when you can normally find plenty of places to keep refrigerated leftovers cool if you're not ready to toss them yet. Then again, don't forget that the more you've got in your freezer, the more efficient it will be, so aim for a cleaning that gets rid of the clutter but doesn't leave you with an empty fridge. If you've got a favourite way to declutter your winter fridge (besides binging), let's hear it in the comments. Photo by Michael_L.

AU - well, it may be stinking hot here but our fridges are probably overflowing with Christmas party leftover, so it's probably still a good time for a fridge clean up.


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