Turn your distractions into motivators

Culling personal possessions and other 'distractions' from your workplace could actually be a productivity killer, according to Charlie Pabst at Freelance Switch. He says he went freelance to get away from the "sterile cubicle" environment, and says keeping 'distractions' like his guitar close to hand help him in his work. 

How does it work? He says keeping your favourite things around can actually be a motivator, rather than a distraction. First of all, he says keeping his favourite things around (like his guitar and his moleskine notebooks) make for a happy and inspiring environment.
Being able to down tools for 10 minutes, or take a long lunch break as a reward for getting work done is a great motivator, he says.

"You can set little targets for yourself. “As soon as this CSS validates, I’m playing guitar for ten minutes!” or “As soon as I write 1,000 words, I’m going rock climbing!”

This gives me a reason to work hard, a reason that’s often way more valid than, “I need the money.”

Another benefit of being able to pick up Guitar Hero for 10 minutes, is that it means you take breaks during your work day - giving you a chance to refresh and recharge.
Charlie's writing from a freelance perspective but I know there are workplaces out there who provide space and tools for staff to chill out and recharge at work. So what personal items do you keep around the workplace, and how do you keep them from distracting you?

Your workspace is killing your productivity  [Freelance Switch]


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