Turn a side table into a display for your favourite keepsakes

memory_table.pngI fell in love with this side table that doubles as a display case for your favourite photos or momentos. Sunset magazine has a walkthrough for making it - which basically requires that you match up a side table with a picture frame that's a little bit smaller than the surface area of the table. Replace the glass in the picture frame with abrasion resistant plastic (if you buy it from a frame store I'm assuming they can cut the plastic to size for you if you require a non-standard size).
The frame is attached to the table top with velcro which is quite smart because it means you can pop the frame off and open it up - so you can change the keepsakes you have on display as often as you like.
Apart from the fact that it lets you display some of your favourite mementos and nicknacks, it has the bonus of keeping them out of the way and dustfree. Neat! I also think this would make an awesome.gift for a loved one - just fill it with photos or momentos of moments you've shared with them.

Make your own memory box table top - no tools required [via Ikea Hacker]


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