Trials of car speed-limiting on the way

Victoria, NSW and WA will this year trial speed limiting devices which can automatically slow a car when its detected to be speeding. A Yahoo report says the Australasian Intelligent Speed Adaptation initiative is expected to be trialled in Melbourne first.

The device uses satellite technology to detect if you're breaking the speed limit - and it can automatically slow down your car. It has different settings ranging from beeping when you're above the speed limit, to actually slowing the car down.

My GPS can beep to alert me if I'm approaching an intersection with a red light camera, so presumably it wouldn't be hard for a GPS device to also beep to alert you if you're speeding (the one under discussion uses a database to identify speed limits in the area you're driving in). This might be a nice optional service. But I have to admit I'd be a bit worried about a device which can take over driving my car. I'd rather trust my own judgement than leave it in the hands of a GPS device. What do you think?
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    When I overtake people, I think it's sometimes safer to do so as quickly as I can...

    If this means the speed limit is literally the limit, I can see this being problematic.

    If it's got a little tolerance, then that should be ok... Even though I too, think it's of dubious merit letting a machine drive other peoples cars.

    Though on the other hand, would be an interesting defense when someone does break it and gets a fine "But the GPS said I was ok..."

    What if a truck is chasing you like in the movie 'Duel', how do you get away? mmm must be showing my age.

    Will the GPS know about construction speed limits?

    What about timed speed limits? High street around the corner from me is 40km/h 7am - 7pm.

    Then there's school zone's, will it allow you to go over the speed limit in a school zone on a public holiday?

    ahhh....too many questions come to mind.

    If it slows you down to the speed limit then its like a sort-of automatic cruise controller type dealy. This is a really bad idea in my opinion, because it may crap you out in an emergency like said above. If you need to speed up to get away from danger you might get caught out by this thing (unless they install an emergency over-ride button in the steering wheel?)

    What 'ADZ' said, I totally agree: too many q's.

    I'm a bit surprised that everyone seems to be quick on the negative connotations.

    I would have thought that the positive implications it would have on accidents and road tolls would far exceed the potential negatives. School zones are an excellent example: I'm sure most people speed through them through sheer ignorance. It should be trivial to instruct a modern GPS-enabled device (TomTom, Windows Mobile, etc) with dates, times, and locations of schools zones and adjust their speed limiter appropriately.

    In my experience the excuse of "speed up to get away from danger" is used far too often to justify excessive engine power and speeds. More information from the truck industry and the effect that speed limiters have had would be very informative.

    I think the best application of this technology would be to tie it in with the car cruise control. if the speed was completely restricted it would cause too many problems as already stated. But to travel at the max alotted speed automatically by cruise control would be a good feature, and i'd think would stop most people from speeding in and around the city.

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