The SMH has published an interview with TiVo's international general manager, Joshua Danovitz, who confirmed that TiVo in Australia will be able to record all free to air channels. While he was cagey about the exact pricing and launch date, he confirmed we'll get the high-end series 3 version of the device. The series 3 contains dual high-definition TV tuners, so users can record two shows at once while at the same time watching a previously recorded show.
He also passed on the question of whether we'll get the coveted ad-skipping function but it's unlikely. TiVo is expected to launch locally before August, in time for the Olympics.


    TiVo for 5 whopping channels, that are showing nothing but crappy reality TV or US shows from last year?? Meh....pass.

    I was a Tivo early-adopter in the US. It was great. The IQ box doesn't even compare.

    That said, I wouldn't buy it for 'free to air' only channels. What's the point of having two HD tuners if I can't actually get anything?

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