Tips to jump start your 2008 calendar

Whether you’re using a paper calendar or a computerised one, there are a few steps you can take now at the beginning of the year to maximise its usefulness.
Here’s a few things I did when I started my 2008 diary.

1. Add in public holidays if they’re not pre-printed in your diary. My Moleskine didn’t have Australian public holidays, so I wrote them in myself. They vary slightly from state to state, so check here for a link to your state’s public holidays for 2008.

2. Add in the events you already have planned for the year. Often by the start of the new year you already have a number of trips or theatre tickets booked – make sure they get into your diary!

3. Add in the birthdays and anniversaries you want to remember – and if you’re using an online calendar with a reminder service, set it to remind you ahead of time so you can arrange a card or present.

And here’s a nifty idea from The Student Help Forum – carry paperclips with your diary so you can attach the documents you need while you’re out on the road or at meetings.  My old diary had a plastic sleeve at the back which I used to carry documents like flight booking details, but paper clips let you attach documents to the page for the day you’ll need them.

So how are you tweaking your calendar to get set for the new year? Share ideas in comments please!

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