Tips for reusing plastic shopping bags

wisebread_bag.pngEven if you have your own reusable shopping bags, sometimes you get stuck at the supermarket without them - and so your plastic bag collection grows.
Not to worry - the Wise Bread blog has seven ideas for reusing those pesky bags that keep coming home with you. Among the suggestions are using them to stuff cushions (as a bonus, when you move house you have a secret stash of plastic bags!), or keeping a few in your bag or car for cleaning up after your dog when you go for walkies.
But far and away the most fun and original suggestion was making a kite out of a plastic shopping bag. (see My Best Kite for a full run down on how to do this).
So how do you keep from being overrun by plastic bags? Do you carry your own bags? Or do you have your own clever uses for leftover shopping bags? Please share in comments.

The Plastic Bag Dilemma: Seven Strategies for Coping [Wise Bread]


    In my opinion, the whole issue of having to recycle plastic bags could be avoided if retailers simply switched to providing their customers with bio-degradable bags. The fruit markets I shop at do.

    The reality is that most retailers would rather sell their customers re-usable bags for a profit instead of providing them with free bio-degradable bags (which cost them money).

    As for a tip... when shopping at Bunnings, if they try charging me 10 cents for disposable plastic bags, I simply tell them that I can get them for free elsewhere, and that they have to beat that by 10%, which means I get them for free (although maybe they should be paying me 1 cent to take each bag off their hands).

    We re-use our shopping bags as garbage bags. Simple enough!

    BTW, a handy hint for storing them - tie them in a loose knot. This makes them easier to grab and a little more child-safe!

    There is a really cool method I have tried that involves ironing about 8 ply thick of plastic bags togeather between wax paper and then using this as a material for sowing. you can get really cool designs out of random designy things on plastic bags. make sure you get the iron on the right setting (its around polyester but not the same setting) and make sure all sheets are thoroughly fused togeather. you could make a bicycle courier bag out of it (like me) but i have seen people make really weather resistant pillows out of them for out door furniture as well as cool little trinkity handbags.

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