Tips for reducing your book collection


If you’re a big reader and a big collector, you know that eventually your home runs out of shelf space and you need to reduce the number of books you own!
43Folders linked to a great discussion on Ask Metafilter on ways to reduce your literary clutter. It’s an interesting and worthwhile read which talks about different ways to categorise and cull your book collection, but here’s two tips I found particularly helpful:

“If it’s a
“classic” or similar work of worthy literature, and it’s guaranteed
never to go out of print, and it’s just a crummy paperback… get rid
of it. It can always be replaced.”

The other suggestion was creating a Book Exchange at your workplace. All you need is an unused book shelf in a common area. Once you’ve dropped off a few of your unwanted books, you can send an email to your colleagues inviting them to “take a book, leave a book”. Bam – instant hub for getting rid of books or finding some new reading material.
So are you drowning in a sea of unread books or sentimental favourites you can’t part with? How do you keep your book collection under control?

Ask MeFi on sane solutions for book clutter [43Folders]


  • Richard – I think it is. My philosophy is I never, ever get rid of a book I have bought. If I don’t want to own it forever then there are plenty of ways I can still read it (libraries people – they are like the internet, but old school!).
    There is also something called “emotional connection”. It is what I make with every book I read based on my feelings towards the writing, the characters, the reason I got it, what was happening in my life at the time i was reading it etc. That is something you don’t get from the first 5 centimetres of a web page you see before hitting the ‘stumble” button again.

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