The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Car Integration

budget-solution.pngEverything-iPod web site iLounge walks through several setups for integrating your iPhone with your car, from the barebones budget setup to the pricier "optimal" solution. Each setup comes with its own assortment of pros and cons, and the solution that works best for you will likely depend on a combination of your budget and your car stereo. In the end, though, you should end up with a very workable solution for integrating your iPhone's music and phone capabilities with your car. Got a tighter integration? Let's hear about it in the comments.


    For those of you you have a built in mp3 jack in your car, the easiest/cheapest in-car solution for iphone mounting, music play back and hands free calls is this:

    1. For mounting: purchase DLO vent mount (AU$29.95)
    2. For playing tunes through your car stereo: Belkin mini-stereo cable (AU$19.95)
    3. For hands free calls: Belkin hands-free dash mounted bluetooth mic/speaker (AU$100.00)

    This arrangement comes well under budget and is a clutter free solution for your car and mind.

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