Take A Cheap Holiday By Exploring Your Own City

Take A Cheap Holiday By Exploring Your Own City

be_a_tourist.pngIf lack of time or money is making it hard for you to plan a holiday, here’s an excellent, cheap idea from the Wise Bread blog – turn your own hometown into a holiday destination by exploring it like you’re a tourist.

It can be as simple as walking out your front door and walking in a direction you don’t usually go – or you can create a list of picturesque suburbs or touristy destinations you haven’t ever taken the time to visit.
My suggestions are: buy a cheap eats guide for your town and act on some of its recommendations. Check out your local bookshop or library for a cool looking walking guide (for example Sydney’s Better Read Than Dead bookshop has published its own Historic Newtown Walking Map). Swallow your pride as a local and check out a free or cheap tourist attraction that you’ve never tried — for example take the ferry to Watson’s Bay for a day trip with fish and chips.

If you follow some of these suggestions — or the excellent ones from Wise Bread — any old weekend can be turned into a holiday where you get to experience something fun and get to know your own city better. If you have any suggestions for cheap ways you have found to enjoy and explore where you live, please leave them in comments.

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