Stick to Your Budget with Six Wallet Hacks

wallet.pngThe Simple Dollar weblog rounds up six wallet hacks intended to minimise your spending and maximise your time. For example:

Take that one credit card and wrap a picture of your personal finance goal or your inspiration around it. Wrap that picture around your card and tape one edge of that picture to the other picture, creating a pocket or a sleeve for the card to live in. Then, when you feel the urge to pull out that card, you'll pull out that picture, too, and it will serve as an immediate reminder of the big dreams you're postponing to make this little trivial purchase.

Granted, a trivial purchase every now and then can be just what the doctor ordered, but the credit card sleeve is a great way to help stay the course when sticking to your budget gets difficult. Got your own favorite wallet hacks? Let's hear them in the comments.


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