Stay on Top of Personal Development with To-Learn Lists

book.pngBlogger Scott Young suggests getting your personal education organised with a to-learn list. Young differentiates his to-learn list from a to-do list, claiming that to-learn lists can help you better organise your personal development by, for example, splitting up your interests.

If your self-education isn't organised, it is easy to pick your favourite subjects even if 90% of the book's material is old. Keeping a to-learn list allows you to explore subjects that are on the fringe of your current understanding.

Do you keep a to-learn list separate from your general to-dos? Let's hear how you keep track of and organize your personal education (and what's on your to-learn list) in the comments.


    That is so true for me. I have an incredible hunger for personal growth material. I have even purchased programs on a particular aution site. There are so many great book out there but maybe I can get a small amount of them read in my lifetime.

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